Want to build a better world through collaborative discussion? We do too.

We think better when we think together—but under the right conditions. What are those conditions? How do we create collaborative discussion environments to bring out the best ideas of everyone? How do we support individuals to develop the collaborative discussion skills and mindsets that they need to work with others to solve sticky problems? We believe creative, culturally responsive, critically informed, and civically focused discussions can help us to build stronger democratic communities. However, we do not arrive at these collaborative discussion skills and mindsets without the help of intentional learning designs. Just like learning to read or write, we must also learn how to collaboratively discuss with one another and create opportunities to practice and develop these skills.

The Collaborative Discussion Toolkit is a living, open access resource created by a community of dialogue and deliberation experts, practitioners, and educators. The toolkit offers a collection of intentional activities that are all designed to enhance creative, critical, culturally responsive, and civic collaborative discussion skills. They can be used in the classroom, workplace, or community. Each activity includes instructions for supporting a small group discussion environment and can be implemented in less than 40 minutes.

Start experimenting now

You don’t have to dive into the full toolkit all at once. Each week our newsletter will introduce a new toolkit activity. We will highlight key resources within the activity that you will not want to miss, like ready to use surveys, worksheets, debriefing questions, or reflection prompts. We will share tips for implementing the activity. You can decide each week if you want to experiment with a new activity to enhance creative, critical, culturally responsive, or civic collaboration.

Join our community

We invite you to be part of this growing community of educators and community leaders interested in creating a better world through developing the skills necessary to work collaboratively with others to solve problems. Learn more by visiting collaborativediscussionproject.com.

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Thinking Better Together: Building Collaborative Intelligence (CQ) in Classrooms, Communities, and Workplaces


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